Frequently Asked Questions

No. Both active observation and treatment will not heighten your risk for cancer. If any pre-cancerous or cancerous changes are found during the close monitoring for anal cancer in this study, we will refer you to the appropriate care immediately.

The study consists of a screening and baseline visit followed by visits every 6 months for 3 years. Each visit is approximately an hour in length. The total time commitment is therefore approximately 8 hours over 3 years.

No, this study does not offer monetary benefits. 

The anal pap test is a painless procedure to screen for anal abnormalities. The high resolution anoscopy procedure may be somewhat uncomfortable. If receiving treatment of anal lesions, the local area will be numbed to minimize discomfort.

Participants are expected to try their best to make it to the study appointments. If something comes up and you are unable to make it to an appointment, we would appreciate a heads up so that we can reschedule you as soon as possible. We expect that you may have many questions that we would be happy to answer for you to clearly understand what we are doing and why.

Yes! You may undergo procedures that will require you to abstain from receptive anal intercourse for a few days, but afterwards you are good to go.

Participants may leave the study at any given time without giving a reason why. We will do our absolute best to make sure you have a positive experience in the study. If you experience any difficulties while being in the study, we wish to work closely with you to  address your concerns.

This study addresses a neglected area in men's health. This study provides service for both HPV testing and treatment of anal abnormalities that are rarely available elsewhere. If the results of this study fin that treating high-risk anal abnormalities is effective at reducing risk for cancer, we expect a shift in how medical providers care for their patients in regards to anal cancer screening. As anal cancer disproportionately affects people living with HIV, every person who participates in this study have an impact on the health and longevity for others living with HIV. There are many reasons why you may feel good about your participation, and we appreciate your participation in every case. 

We take every measure to protect your privacy. Your health information and results from this study will be associated to an alphanumerical code and kept in a secure database.

Frequently asked questions at HPV-SAVE
Frequently Asked Questions
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